Speed Kills – Twenty’s Plenty

Private Transport – Road Accident Casualties

Reported Road Accident Casualties

Provisional figures show that in 2010 208 people were killed on Scotland’s roads, 1,960 were recorded as seriously injured and 11,156 suffered “slight” injury.Most of the casualties were travelling in cars (8,293, 105 of whom died), 2,011 were pedestrians (47 were killed), 844 were motorcyclists (35 died) and 781 were pedal cyclists (7 died). There were 1,375 child casualties, of whom 4 died.

There are three national casualty reduction targets for 2010, all based on the 1994-98 “baseline” annual averages – reductions of:

o 40 per cent in the numbers killed or seriously injured,

o 50 per cent in the number of children killed or seriously injured,

o 10 per cent in the slight casualty rate (per 100 million vehicle Kilometres).

The relevant figures for 2010 for the three targets were, respectively, 55 per cent, 73 per cent and 39 per cent below the “baseline” levels – all larger reductions than the targets.

Comparing the figures for 2010 with the annual averages for the 1994-98 “baseline” period, the number of people killed fell by 45 per cent, seriously injured casualties dropped by 56 per cent, slight casualties reduced in number by 36 per cent and there was a 40 per cent fall in overall casualty numbers. Car casualties fell by 38 per cent, pedestrian casualties by 54 per cent, pedal cyclist casualties by 39 per cent and motorcyclist casualties by 10 per cent. The number of children killed fell from 30 to 4, and the total number of child casualties fell by 64 per cent.

Over the longer term, casualty numbers have fallen considerably from the peak levels of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The numbers of people killed or injured in 2010 were at the lowest level recorded.


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