Between Heaven and Hell – A Funny View Of The After Life

Like most Catholics I’d always imagined Purgatory to be a half-way house between Heaven and Hell  A place where you’re scrubbed clean of sins before entering Heaven. On the other hand, if your crimes were deemed too evil, then you went to the burning pits of hell.

Since nobody has ever come back to tell us what these places are really like, we can only invent our own descriptions. Mine has always bordered on the humorous side and so, when I created the character of Father Jack Morgan, I decided to put my imagniation and his morality to the test.

What if, I thought as I outlined the story, I had a priest who belongs to a church where few parishioners attend? Throw in a sexy housekeper who lusts after him, a bishop who gives him a few days to get his act together, and a few ghosts who are urged to haunt the local inn to raise money for the church.

Then the next step is Purgatory. He goes there to save a soul, but finds the tedium and stupidity he deals with in his daily life excruciating. Here it’s caled the Moral Test Centre, which is based on your own idea of the worst place and situation you ever imagined.

And if that fails, then Hell is the last resort. It isn’t much different from Purgatory, just more humiliating. .

Sprinkle on a few weird and wacky characters and you’ve got the esssence of the story about one priest’s battle to resist temptation.

Have you ever been put in a situation where you had  to resist temptation? Tell me about it!

More on the story can be found at these stores:


4 comments on “Between Heaven and Hell – A Funny View Of The After Life”

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster blog award.

  2. Today I had enough time to read, what you are writing. I am surprised. I love your stories.

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