On Your Bike

The Great Glen cycle path attracts over 20,000 spectators to the World Mountain Bike Championship each year in Fort William.
In preparation for the Glasgow Commomwealth Games in 2014, the Scottish Government has earmarked £53 million to improve cycle paths in Scotland and make cycling more accessible. The funding forms part of a £205 million programme of capital projects announced by Finance Secretary John Swinney on December 19.
In 2013 it will launch a Cycling Action Plan which includes a target to further reduce casualties, new commitments on education, training, improved signage, consideration of cycling in roads design and greater use of 20mph zones
The £3.9 million cash boost is part of a £21 million investment in transport announced by the Scottish Government and will also be used to increase parking for bikes at schools. In the Highlands and Argyll and Bute the government is committing £3 million to fast-track the National Cycle Network route 78 between Oban and Inverness.

 £400,000 will go to the Oban to Appin cycle route and an extra £500,000 will improve access to stations on the Airdrie to Bathgate railway.

So, all you cycling enthusiasts. Get on your bikes and admire the beauty of nature as you cycle. Far better than any fume-filled city.

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