Should we still build war memorials to those who fought against the Nazis?

No, according to this Guardian article in which it states that 2012 is far too late to be building memorials to those involved in a war that ended nearly 70 years ago. When the writer says  ‘ a war’  he is referring to World War 2 in which millions died giving their lives fighting against Nazism. And let’s no forget those who died in concentration camps. The focus of the writer’s attention is the war memorial to Bomber Command which will be unveiled in london.

What seems to irk this writer is the ‘myth’ as he calls it, that England stood alone as the last bastion of freedom. There were other nationalities, he says. This is true, namely, soldiers from the rest of Britain, the commonwealth, America, and other nations in Europe.  But the rest of Europe was under Nazi occupation, leaving the land mass known as Britain, on its own.

Those brave people who died fighting against Nazism, including Germans, should always be remembered in one form or another, and their stories told to future generations – Lest We Forget.






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