Should The Protest Movement Form A Party?

The Puerta del Sol square in Madrid.

With austerity measures in full swing and unemployment rising, the number of protestors are growing, as indeed is their media attention. Known as The Protest Movement in Britain and the Indignados in Spain, they have been protesting up and down the country,  occasionally clashing with police, resulting in injuries. Their demands are shouted out in every city, written on placards, leaflets or in newspapers.

Will governments eventually meet these demands, considering they implemented the cuts in the first place? I think not, especially as they were elected after previous administrations collectively caused the banking crisis and the recession. However, the Protest Movement won’t replace them using buzzwords, trendy slogans, and regurgitated quotes. They will have to form a party with a written manifesto, outlining their objectives and how to achieve them. Better still, stand for election as independents.

Now who should these people be? As someone who helped form a union in the workplace,  I can tell you this will be tricky. Personality traits such as snobbery, self-righteousness, envy and arrogance will come into play in the fight for power.  Friends become enemies and vice versa if they have a common agenda. Do you go for brains or popularity. It’s not always the two mix. And talking about mix, the protestors are mostly young and middle class, if the news coverage by those interviewed is anything to go by.  There needs to be an age and class mix: labourers, factory workers, cleaners, as well as lawyers and doctors, students and the unemployed.

These are a few things the movement will have to think of if it is to go forward. Can anyone think of any more?


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