Rich Man, Poor Man

By: wearywanderer64

Feb 20 2012

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Unemployment in Spain is the second highest in the European Union after Greece. It rose to 25.02 percent from 24.6 percent in the previous quarter. That is the highest since at least 1976, the year after dictator Francisco Franco’s death led Spain to democracy. The euro-area average is 11.4 percent. The number of Spanish households in which every member is out of work climbed to 1.74 million, roughly one tenth of all Spanish families.

Many immigrants, such as this African man pictured, arrived in Spain during the boom. Now, as the recession bites ever deeper, he and many like him end up sleeping on beaches, penniless, unable to find jobs. The situation is much worse in their own countries so they are stuck in a no-win situation, their only hope being that the economy picks up again. This seems unlikely as the Spanish Prime minister, Rajoy, announces even more cuts.

However, as we can see  at the marina nearby, the economy has not harmed everybody. Many people can still afford boats.

What must the homeless man think when he sees this?


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