From Bullring to Shopping Centre

By: wearywanderer64

Feb 19 2012

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Plaza De Toros Las Arenas, Barcelona. It’s now a shopping centre.

The beauty of architecture is it’s aesthetically pleasing facades that makes the viewer gaze in awe at its design. However, some buildings mask their true nature. Near where I live  is the Escorchador, a theatre. Its former use was an abbatoir. Why not beautify a house of slaughter? The Colosseum was a hardly a massage parlour.

This building was once a bullring, but has recently been turned into a shopping centre. Granted, most of us don’t want to see bulls being tortured. On the other hand, surely a better use could have been found.

Any ideas on what else i could have been used for.

2 comments on “From Bullring to Shopping Centre”

  1. A high school soccer or sports stadium perhaps would have been better….

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